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Advertisements for great Christmas gifts are a dime a dozen during the holiday season. It seems everywhere you look you’ll see a display boasting the “perfect gift” for him or her. However, finding a truly unique Christmas gift for a special someone on your list just takes a little creativity and insight as to their personality. When you are at the person’s home, look around for items which you may think are special to them and perhaps work from there. For example, if an antique plate passed down from Grandmother is one of their prized possessions, perhaps a display stand or case to protect the cherished item. Not only will a unique Christmas gift such as this prove useful, but it will be especially thoughtful and endearing.

A framed picture can make another truly unique Christmas gift. Sort through your photos to find one of you and your recipient at a memorable occasion. Using your computer or a retail store, blow the picture up to a larger size such as 5x7 or 8x10. Pick out a nice picture frame, frame the picture and wrap. This unique Christmas gift is sure to bring a smile or maybe even some happy tears to that special someone. This unique Christmas gift can also be accomplished by framing a picture of a cherished family pet or a special family member.

Another way to give a unique Christmas gift is to find out any memberships that the person may have such as a gym or tanning membership. Go to the location (when your sure your recipient isn’t there!) and pay up the membership for a year. On the big day, present the person with the unique Christmas gift of no dues for a year at one of their favorite activities. What makes a truly unique Christmas gift is one that has thought behind it and reflects the unique personality of your recipient.

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