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Here it comes again--Christmas vacation. With today’s busy hustle and bustle, many are left wondering what to do for the kids during Christmas vacation. Also, many families now have mom and dad working full-time, subsequently, a creative approach to how to make the most of your child’s Christmas vacation takes time and planning.

If you and your spouse can take time off from work, Christmas vacation is a great time to travel with your family. Imagine spending Christmas Eve in Munich, Paris or London? Do you all ski? Christmas vacation is a great time to plan a weekend or week long trip to go hit the slopes. Also, Christmas vacation in a great time to go and visit distant relatives, like grandma and grandpa in Florida, your cousin who moved to San Francisco, or your child on study abroad in Madrid.

Sometimes it is difficult to get time off for the holidays, and depending on the age of your children, Christmas vacation can be a perplexing reality. If your children can stay home alone, then plan daily activities that they can do including time spent at the home of friends and relatives, arts and crafts projects, or (gasp) chores around the house. If your child is too young to stay home unattended, there are now a variety of Christmas vacation camps ranging from acting and music to Karate and science. These programs provide a fun and educational experience for your child, in a safe and structured environment.

Finally, according to many reputable educators, Christmas vacation is a great time to foster a skill or interest in your child. Perhaps you can read and discuss a favorite book? Christmas vacation may be a great time to learn a bit of Spanish, or even make learning math and history fun and exciting. There are a variety of ways of spending Christmas vacation.

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