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The history of the Christmas tree dates back to the 7th century and is said to have originated in Germany. Although evergreen boughs were hung from doors, windows and decorated the homes of ancient peoples as a pagan symbol thought to keep evil sport and ghosts at bay, the Christmas tree is thought to have a Christian origin. Legend has it that a 7th century German monk used the triangular shape of a fir tree to teach followers about the holy trinity of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The earliest evidence of a decorated Christmas tree was in the home of the well known Protestant reformer Martin Luther in the 16th century. Luther was said to have affixed lighted candles to the boughs of an evergreen tree to show his children how the snow on the boughs twinkle when reflecting the moonlight. The tradition of decorated Christmas trees spread throughout much of Europe but did not catch on in America until the 19th century.

Since its advent in America, the Christmas tree is arguably the most popular Christmas decoration found in homes throughout the world. It is now believed by young children that Santa places the much sought after presents under the tree much to their delight on Christmas morning. However, family traditions surrounding the Christmas tree begin with picking the perfect tree for their home. Many people now use artificial Christmas trees due to the money saving advantages as well as alleviating the mess made by dropped pine needles and the potential fire hazard which goes along with a real tree. Nonetheless, many homes still purchase a live tree each holiday season making the Christmas tree industry a very profitable market. Christmas trees can be purchased pre cut and bound at roadside stands, garden suppliers and now many dept stores and home improvement centers. The prices of pre cut Christmas tree range with the size and type of tree desired.

However, to maintain the tradition of cutting down your own Christmas tree many tree farms allow you to do just that. Make sure to bundle up and wear boots and gloves before you strike out on the quest for the perfect Christmas tree. Many family holiday traditions have been made out of choosing and cutting down the Christmas tree under which your holiday delights will await you Christmas morning.

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