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Christmas stockings are said to have originated in Holland in the 16th Century with the children leaving their clogs in front of the fireplace filled with straw for Santa’s reindeer. In appreciation for the extra thought, Santa Claus or “Sinterclass” would leave the clogs filled with treats for the children to enjoy. Throughout history, this tradition has evolved into the much known modern day tradition of hanging Christmas stockings on the mantle to be filled with small trinkets and treats by St. Nicholas.

Christmas stockings are typically red felt stockings with white trim but are available in many different styles with embroidered holiday scenes on them. Many families will personalize the Christmas stockings with the child’s name and hold onto to them for many years as a memento and Christmas tradition. In keeping with this tradition, a portion of many people’s holiday shopping list includes Christmas stocking stuffers.

There are a few simple ideas for Christmas stocking stuffers which will help complete your shopping quickly and economically and are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Candy is always a favorite Christmas stocking stuffer and is available in special holiday wrappers in keeping with the spirit of the season. Many favorite holiday candies are now available in sugar free varieties so even those with dietary restrictions may indulge their sweet tooth when opening their Christmas stocking. Another great Christmas stocking stuffer is a Christmas ornament to be hung upon the tree. By giving an ornament each year in a Christmas stocking you have started a new holiday tradition and are providing keepsakes for years to come.

For the puzzle lovers in your family, puzzle books are a thoughtful Christmas stocking stuffer and usually come in paperback so they will bend easily to slip into the Christmas stocking. For the older recipients in your family, lottery scratch off tickets can be fun and possibly very valuable Christmas stocking stuffers. However your family chooses to carry on the tradition of the Christmas stocking, they are sure to add a decorative flair to your home and provide great fun for those lucky recipients on Christmas day!

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