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Christmas songs are a well known tradition for carolers, holiday parties and while opening up the presents on Christmas morning. Many of the most popular and well loved Christmas songs are carols which originated during church masses celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Good examples of these more religious Christmas songs include “Away in a Manger” and “The First Noel” which tell the story of the holiest of nights. These favorites can be heard through the windows of churches on Christmas Eve sung by a choir or by the congregation as a whole.

However, more secular Christmas songs have also gained popularity and can be heard at Christmas parties or even as we run through the mall trying to finish up that last minute shopping. These Christmas songs tend to celebrate the joyous atmosphere of the season but do not necessarily concentrate on the religious meaning behind the tradition. Instead, the focus of these Christmas songs centers around certain Christmas traditions such as, “O Christmas Tree”, and “Jingle Bells” or the joyful coming together of friend and families during the holiday season like, “I’ll be Home for Christmas”.

Which ever type of Christmas songs you prefer, there are countless collections available for sale throughout the holiday season. These collections can be popular artists singing their favorite Christmas songs, children’s choirs singing religious Christmas songs or even instrumental collections to add a peaceful atmosphere to any home while opening presents or enjoying a nice Christmas dinner with loved ones.

If planning to join friends, family and neighbors for caroling the lyrics to many of the most popular Christmas songs can be found in song books, church hymnals or even on-line. While the first verse of many Christmas songs is committed to memory, the subsequent verses may not be. Christmas songs, be they religious or secular, are a great way to get in the holiday spirit and share a holiday bond with the ones we love and cherish the most.

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