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Christmas lingerie can be a great holiday gift if purchased for the woman in your life. Likewise, a woman can purchase her own Christmas lingerie and model it as a present for her partner. Finding the perfect Christmas lingerie may be easier than you think and may be accomplished by adding a few accessories to your existing lingerie collection.

For example, if you own a red or white nightie or negligee; add a pair of white thigh highs with garters, stilettos and a Santa hat to be a naughty Mrs. Claus in your Christmas lingerie. Another option in Christmas lingerie is a red and white striped camisole with a red or white thong to pretend you’re a candy cane just dying to be licked. If not feeling so creative you may simply go to a store or check online for the Christmas lingerie ensembles your favorite retailer has to offer.

Gentlemen, if planning to purchase your special woman Christmas lingerie, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First, as much as women enjoy receiving lingerie, it should not be the only present you give to her. Let’s face it, Christmas lingerie is as much of a gift for you as it is for her. Next, be sure to check the sizes of her everyday bras and panties to ensure a proper fit. Next, I would strongly suggest visiting a retail store rather than buying online or through a catalog. You may not be familiar with the terminology used to describe certain features and may not receive what you thought you had ordered. Along the same lines, take the assistance offered to you by the sales girl when visiting a lingerie store. You will benefit greatly from her expertise and won’t look like the creepy guy skulking through the panty department.

Christmas lingerie is a great way to spice up your holiday sex life. Even if Christmas lingerie doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, it is sure to get you in the mood!

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