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Christmas lights are a long standing tradition in decorating for the Christmas season and will add a warm atmosphere to the inside and outside of your home. The tradition of Christmas lights can be traced to the 19th century in the form of real lighted candles attached to the boughs of Christmas trees. As this posed a fire hazard and a potential mess, Edward Johnson invented the first Indoor Christmas lights in 1882. Since then, Christmas lights are a holiday staple and are always found decorating a Christmas tree and in various places throughout the inside of homes and on the outside of structures.

Christmas lights come in many varieties to suit individual needs. For instance, there are special bulbs designed to hang outside which can withstand dampness and weather. In addition to durability, Christmas lights come in different colors and either keep a steady light or may blink or alternate. When choosing Christmas lights to decorate your Christmas tree, first envision the overall look of the ornaments and other decorations you will be hanging on the tree. If the ornaments are a mish mash of things you’ve collected over the years or made by the kids at school, multi colored lights may be in keeping with the playful festive look of your tree. However, for a more elegant look you may want to choose an overall theme and color scheme for your tree and the lights can compliment this nicely. For example, an artificial white Christmas tree may look nice with red bows, silver bulb ornaments and red Christmas lights. The themes are endless and can be found in decorating magazines, holiday web sites or can be a completely original design of your own.

In lieu of, or addition to decorating the outside of your home with Christmas lights, trees and shrubbery can also be the perfect canvas for Christmas lights. A bare tree which has lost all of its leaves, wraped with white Christmas lights can be very elegant and will highlight the interesting shapes and contours of the branches. Likewise, wrapping shrubbery in Christmas lights can have the same effect as a Christmas tree and may be easier to install and remove than high arches on your home.

Sight seeing the various Christmas lights around your city or neighborhood is also a favorite holiday pastime. Bundle up and walk or drive around to see how your neighbors have decorated their homes and yards with Christmas lights, it is sure to get you in the holiday mood and might even inspire you with a few ideas for next year.

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