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We all know the feeling of having a daunting mile long Christmas list which seems impossible to accomplish before the big day. In our dash from mall to mall and all throughout department stores it is easy to lose the holiday season while shopping for the perfect Christmas gifts. With all there is to purchase and accomplish, the season may seem to pass us right by leaving us with exhaustion and perhaps too much credit card debt. There are a few simple things to bear in mind while choosing Christmas gifts for every one on your list and still managing to feel jolly all throughout the Christmas season.

In addition to having Christmas gifts to purchase, many of us engage in holiday baking to prepare special treats for entertaining our families and guests. Since this is a task already on your list of things to do, incorporating Christmas gifts into this process will save time, money and trips to the mall. Baked goods can be a perfect Christmas gift for those co-workers to whom you would like to show your appreciation but may not have the personal knowledge to choose an appropriate gift. Depending on the amount of people you would like to give baked goods as a Christmas gift, pick out an appropriate number of cookie recipes, depending on the yield of each individual batch. Once the cookies and treats are all made, select a few of each so every recipient has a variety to enjoy. To make them truly special Christmas gifts purchase the appropriate amount of holiday tins usually ranging from $1-2 in price. Holiday tins are perfect for presenting your baked Christmas gifts because they will keep the cookies fresh, do not need to be gift wrapped and can be used as a decoration by the recipient when all of the cookies are gone.

Another time saving and economical Christmas gift is a magazine subscription. If someone on your list is an avid reader of a publication or has a special hobby or interest, choosing the perfect magazine can be a very simple task. Once you have chosen the perfect title, purchase the latest volume of the magazine and submit the completed subscription card within (be sure to use your recipient’s address on the form). Gift wrap the individual magazine with a card on the front stating that a yearly subscription has be purchased. This is not only is a time and money saver (most yearly subscriptions range from $20-30) but are truly the Christmas gifts that keep on giving all year long.

These and other creative ideas for Christmas gifts will please your recipient while saving you money and the precious time which seems so fleeting each holiday season.

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