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Christmas is a time of family, friends and gift giving. We all compile lists of loved ones names’ and what we think will be the best Christmas gift for each. However, adding one more person to the list, whose name may even be unknown, will truly honor the Christmas spirit and give the Christmas gift of love to someone who may need something special to brighten their holiday. Each year, there are countless people who may be down on their luck or maybe spending their first Christmas alone. A small token will mean the world to someone who may need the Christmas gift of human compassion. There are many ways to reach out to someone in need each year and cause a ripple effect of kindness as a result.

For instance, look in your neighborhood to find an elderly neighbor who lives alone. When doing your holiday baking set aside a container of goodies and wrap with a bow. Not only will your homemade Christmas gift bring a smile to your neighbor, but just your quick visit to wish them well. If you don’t bake, you could save a plate of holiday dinner and bring it over as a Christmas gift of a warm homemade meal. If you are unsure of dietary needs or how food will be received, you could always make a Christmas gift out of a bouquet of fresh flowers. There are usually fresh bouquets of daises and other assorted flowers at your local supermarket for under $10. Not only will the gesture be a great Christmas gift, they can enjoy fresh flowers for a few days out of the long winter season.

Another way to give something back to the community each year is through the form of a charitable donation. Many community organizations not only accept monetary gifts, but the gift of time as well. You could pledge a certain amount of hours in volunteer work to a charity in a loved ones name. On Christmas, present this person with a card detailing the commitment you have made in their name as a Christmas gift.

When filling out your Christmas gift list, add an entry for a selfless act this holiday season. The Christmas gift of compassion will not only be cherished by someone who needs a hand this season, but will fill you with a sense of what the holiday season is truly about.

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