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Christmas gift baskets are a great way to give a truly personalized gift this holiday season. Everyone loves unwrapping presents, so what could be better than going through a Christmas gift basket and finding many small tokens. Making a Christmas gift basket is easy and fun and first requires a trip to a local craft store or craft section in your favorite store.

First, pick out a wicker basket or picnic basket big enough to fit all of the gifts you would like to include in your Christmas gift basket. Be sure to pick a basket that you know your recipient will love, because the basket is also one of the presents they will continue to enjoy. Pick out two different colors of tissue papers and any other seasonal decorations to make your Christmas gift basket beautiful to look at. Many craft stores offer seasonal decorations designed especially for this purpose that are attached to long stems which can be inserted into a Styrofoam block at the bottom of the gift basket to make sure they remain standing and can be seen. Once you’ve chosen all of the decorations, be sure to purchase a large bow to wrap around the handle to make your Christmas gift basket very festive.

Some people are just hard to Christmas shop for so why not consider a Christmas gift basket. There are also many other wonderful holiday gift baskets and you can even give the wine lover on your list a wine gift basket.

Filling the basket with presents for your recipient is entirely up to you and what you think your loved one will enjoy the most. You can design a theme Christmas gift basket such as assorted candies of maybe a coffee theme if your recipient is a coffee lover. For instance a coffee themed Christmas gift basket could include assorted blends of different coffees, coffee mugs and coffee related deserts such as biscotti and chocolate covered coffee beans. Another theme could be one of relaxation. To fill this Christmas gift basket pick out one or two of the person’s favorite magazines, some bubble bath or beads, scented lotions and perhaps a few candles with holders. What better gift to receive then one filled with gifts to give you a much needed evening of relaxation?

If you would prefer to fill your Christmas gift basket with miscellaneous goodies, be sure to stick with gifts that will reflect the tastes and personality of your recipient.

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