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The Christmas season is one marked by parties, reunions and holiday festivities. When hosting a holiday get together, the obvious must haves are great food and drink for your guests. However, Christmas games are also a great way to keep your friends entertained, exchange gifts within the office or to play as a family during cold snowy nights inside.

If hosting a dinner party, purchase a decorative flower centerpiece for your table. Not only will a floral arrangement make your table beautiful, but can serve as a great gift for one of your lucky guests. To make this giveaway a Christmas game, place a penny under one of the table settings (if seats are not assigned). At the end of the meal, have each guest check under their plate and whoever finds the penny wins the Christmas game and takes the centerpiece home as a prize. If you prefer having arranged seating, have each guest put their place card in a hat and the one that is drawn wins the Christmas game and the centerpiece.

Other popular Christmas games are a great way to exchange gifts with co-workers without going for broke. Secret Santa is a popular Christmas game in which everyone participating draws a name from a hat and purchases a weekly present for this person until Christmas. Dollar amounts are designated to keep the costs low for everyone. For example, the first 2 weeks may have a $5 limit per present and the last week is $10. You do not reveal yourself as the Secret Santa to the recipient of your gifts until the very last week. This Christmas game promotes cohesion among co-workers, a great holiday spirit around the office and is fun to try and guess who your Santa is.

If trying to teach your younger children the religious meanings behind the holiday, making a Christmas game out of it is a fun educational way to keep them engaged. Ask your children trivia questions such as; what gifts did the three kings bring to the baby Jesus? For each correct answer, give a prize such as a small trinket, a piece of candy or perhaps “get out of one chore free” cards. Not only will this Christmas game help you to enjoy the season with your family but will teach your children the true meaning behind the season.

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