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Christmas decorating comes but once a year, but the preparation and anticipation can start well before in the summer months. Most experts agree, if you are looking to take the prize for your Christmas decorating, both inside and outside your home, it’s never too early to begin to search for special items, draw-up plans for outdoor displays, and store away fantastic Christmas decorating bargains, marked down right after the season.

As early as July and August, begin planning your outdoor Christmas decorating that includes colorful and blinking lights, joyful and creative lawn characters like snowmen, reindeer, Santa Claus, as well as a possible nativity scene. Many agree that the best time to begin putting up lights, even though you will not be illuminating them, is late summer and early fall. During this time of year, long days with plenty of sunlight, even when you arrive home from work, guarantee that it won’t be a struggle and push to “beat the clock” when Christmas decorating. Also, from a safety perspective, by doing much of your Christmas decorating, particularly in terms of lights on the house, long before the holiday season means not having to worry about patches of ice and snow that make climbing ladders and scaling roofs so hazardous. Also, you can make room for and not have to dig out old frosty after Thanksgiving; he’ll be easily accessible and ready to roll by the fall.

Another key reason for starting your Christmas decorating plans early is the sheer number of bargains that can be gleaned from shopping just after the New Year. Many department stores, outlets, and on-line retailers offer Christmas decorating products like lights, artificial trees, lawn figures, and other items at deep discounts, since they often conduct inventory just after the holidays. Often these Christmas decorating items are seventy to eighty percent off their original prices. It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas decorating.

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