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Christmas cookies are a holiday tradition easy to enjoy. Not only are eating Christmas cookies a holiday treat, but baking your own can become a favorite family tradition. There’s nothing else to make your house feel cozy and inviting like the scent of baking Christmas cookies filling your home with warmth on a cold winter’s night.

Christmas cookies are perfect for hosting a holiday party, to give as gifts or to make someone’s season brighter who may otherwise be going through a tough time. Bringing Christmas cookies to a woman’s or homeless shelter may be appreciated more by the gesture of kindness in a much needed time. If planning on making Christmas cookies a charitable donation, you may want to call ahead to make sure outside food is acceptable. In some instances, the organization may request that you package your Christmas cookies in smaller bundles of a dozen so the rest may be frozen and enjoyed throughout the duration of the holiday season.

Countless recipes for Christmas cookies can be found online, on cooking channels, magazines and cookbooks. However, if feeling less adventurous or too bogged down with holiday to-do’s; it is easy to transform your favorite cookie recipes into Christmas cookies. For example, simply using red and green sprinkles on top of ordinary shortbread cookies makes them perfect for the holiday season. Cookie cutters are also an inexpensive, easy way to make everyday sugar cookies into whimsical Christmas cookie shapes.

If you are simply too busy or do not enjoy baking; markets, bakeries and grocery stores offer a wide array of Christmas cookies to choose from. Many will bake a special customized order if you call or stop in ahead of time. At least two days notice is always appreciated by bakers during the busiest of all seasons.

Christmas cookies are best when enjoyed among loved ones, new friends or colleagues. In other words, Christmas cookies are always best when shared.

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