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Christmas carols are generally thought to be the more religious themed of the Christmas songs. Christmas carols tell the story of Christ’s birth on Christmas morning and celebrate the Christianity behind the modern commercialism of Christmas day. With everything to be accomplished in the preparation of Christmas it may be easy to forget the meaning behind the holiest of days amidst all the holiday shopping, decorating and party going. Christmas carols are a great way to reconnect with the spiritual roots of Christmas while enjoying the festivity of the season.

Christmas carols can always be heard in church masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning sung by a choir or by the congregation as a whole. However, the beauty of the music and the feeling of Christmas warmth they inspire have moved Christmas carols from exclusively in the church to a place in popular Christmas music among their more secular counterparts. For instance, some radio stations change their programming to all Christmas music on the days leading up to the special morning and in this line up favorite Christmas carols like “O Holy Night” and “Silent Night” can be heard right before “Deck the Halls” and “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”. Christmas carols have also be added to compilations available on CD to be enjoyed in your home while decorating the tree or opening the presents.

Christmas carols are also a great way to teach your children the meaning behind Christmas while honing their creative musical abilities and most importantly making it fun. Teach your children to sing along to Christmas carols and then explain each line or stanza in its relation to the birth of Christ, the manger in which he lay or the three kings which came bearing gifts in celebration of his birth. Song books are available to provide the lyrics to favorite Christmas carols and will make this task a little easier. However you choose to celebrate Christmas, carols are sure to be heard sung by carolers or even as you make your way through the busy mall. Be sure to stop, take a breath and listen to these angelic songs to remind you of what the season is truly about.

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