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Christmas cards are a popular tradition dating back approximately 200 years and are thought to have originated in England. Carrying forth into modern times, Christmas cards are still a popular and much followed custom in the United States and abroad. Sending Christmas cards is an easy and inexpensive way to reach out for friends and loved ones each season while giving the sender a relaxing Christmas pastime to enjoy.

Since the advent of e-mail and electronic greeting cards it may seem much easier to send bulk Christmas cards over the internet. Although this may accomplish the mission of sending greetings, handwritten cards mailed through the postal system are still much nicer to receive. Here are a few simple tips and guidelines to make sending and receiving Christmas cards easy, inexpensive and perhaps even enjoyable.

First, with so much to accomplish in the short holiday season, it can be easy to look upon sending Christmas cards as a daunting chore or one more thing that needs to be done. Since the idea behind sending Christmas cards is to brighten someone’s day, extend this attitude through the process of writing them and use it as a time to relax and enjoy the season. Turn on the Christmas lights in your home, pour some hot cocoa or egg nog, play your favorite Christmas music and bask in the delight of sending love through the mail.

To begin you will need a list if all intended recipients for your Christmas cards, their most current mailing addresses, cards and envelopes, an envelope sealer and of course, plenty of postage. The best time to buy inexpensive Christmas cards is right after the holiday season. Take advantage of the clearance sales on holiday items and stock up on plenty of Christmas cards for next year. Not only a money saver, but will be one less thing on your holiday shopping list the following year. Christmas cards are available in many shapes, sizes and styles and the possibilities are endless. Please be aware that some shapes of cards, like square, require additional postage and should state this right on the box.

When purchasing postage stamps, holiday themes are available and will add to the festive look of your Christmas card envelope. Be sure to buy self sticking stamps to avoid licking dozens of stamps before affixing to the envelopes. For this purpose, you may want to buy an envelope sealer available at stationary stores and pharmacies for a meager sum less than $5.

Once you’ve sent out your Christmas cards, you are sure to get some in return. Choose the perfect spot in your home such as the mantle or a door frame to hang the Christmas cards you receive to surround yourself with well wishes and add to the seasonal décor of your home.

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